Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office


To be admitted into the Diversion Program, the offender’s case must be referred to the Diversion Director by an Assistant Prosecutor.


The Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney’s Diversion Program assists offenders through a speedy restitution process and provides a constructive rehabilitation program for participants who are first-time offenders.

No person shall be admitted to the Diversion Program without the consent of the victim, the arresting law enforcement officer, and the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney assigned to the case.

To be admitted into the Diversion program, the offender must:

  • be at least 18 years of age.
  • have a case that does not involve drugs.
  • have a case that does not involve sexual assault.
  • have a case in which nobody was hurt or threatened.
  • have a case that does not involve firearms or other weapons in any way.
  • never have had a criminal charge of any kind sealed or expunged in any court, of any state, and/or never have been charged with certain crimes before this case.

In addition, the loss in case:

  • must be less than $7,500.00.

Requirements of the program include mandatory meetings with a probation officer, restitution payments through the Clerk of Courts office, and community service. The offender must also comply with such written rules as the Prosecuting Attorney may require, and to which the defendant agrees as a condition for acceptance to the program.

When the Diversion Program is successfully completed, the case is dismissed and the offender will not have to go to court.