Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office

Criminal Division

After a law enforcement agency has investigated a crime, the file is turned over to the Prosecuting Attorney to present to the Grand Jury for consideration of an indictment.


If the grand jury finds probable cause to believe a person committed a crime, it hands down an indictment charging the person with the crime. The Prosecuting Attorney, through the Criminal Division, prosecutes all indictments and bills of information on behalf of the State of Ohio (§309.08 of the Ohio Revised Code). The county has two Courts of Common Pleas in which the division prosecutes criminal charges.

Although the victim of a crime is not technically a party to a criminal case, the Criminal Division works closely with victims of crime. More information about victim’s rights and the services available through the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is available on the Victim Services Unit page.

Generally, the Prosecutor’s Office does not prosecute adults charged with misdemeanor crimes. Misdemeanors are mostly handled in municipal court. For details, visit Delaware Municipal Cout.


Criminal Division

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