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Victim Services Unit

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(740) 833-2710

8 am-4:30 pm, M-F


(740) 833-2689


145 North Union St., 3rd Floor
Delaware, OH 43015
**The building NEXT to the courthouse.**


Delaware Victim Services Unit offers 24-Hour, 7 days a week crisis response through law enforcement referral. This assistance is not only for clients who are survivors of crime, but for Delaware County Law Enforcement personnel who may need assistance with a survivor of crime, either by phone support, on the scene or for hospital response.


Civil Protection Order (COVID-19) Service Update

The Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office is committed to assisting victims of crime. As we navigate the COVID-19 outbreak, we are instituting the following new procedures to protect the health and safety of the public and our staff.


Our Victim Services Unit will remain open and available to conduct any meetings or court business with victims by telephone. This will primarily impact individuals who need a civil protection order, as we will no longer be meeting in person to review the application paperwork. We remain available by phone to discuss the Civil Protection Order process, and walk you through the process from beginning to end. The Victim Services Unit is available Monday-Friday from 8-4:30PM at 740-833-2710.

Civil Protection Order forms are hosted online by the Ohio Supreme Court. The forms can be accessed at: Please contact the Victim Services Unit for assistance in completing these forms.


Types of Civil Protection Orders (CPO): Stalking, Dating Violence, Sexually Oriented Offenses, Domestic Violence or Juvenile Protection Orders


  • You can apply for a Stalking CPO if the offender is engaging in a pattern of conduct that makes you believe you are in imminent danger.


  • You can apply for a Dating Violence CPO if the offender and yourself have been in an intimate relationship, not living together and have separated within the current year, and they have physically abused you.


  • You can apply for a Sexually Oriented Offense CPO if you have experienced any type of sexual abuse including rape or gross sexual imposition.


  • You can apply for a Domestic Violence CPO if you are related to the offender by blood or marriage and you are currently living together, or used to live together or you have a child with the offender whether or not you were ever married or lived together and they have physically abused you or your children.


  • You can apply for a Juvenile CPO if the offender is under the age of 18 and is participating in Stalking, Sexual Oriented Offenses, Domestic Violence or Dating Violence.


As always, if you are in immediate danger please contact 9-1-1.

We also provide:

  • Information about the criminal justice system.
  • Assistance with: Victim Impact Statements, Victims of Crime Compensation Forms, Civil Protection Orders and Anti-Stalking Protection Orders.
  • Notifying clients of hearing dates and the status of the cases in which they are involved.
  • Accompanying clients to court proceedings and providing support and education throughout the criminal justice process.
  • Referrals to appropriate community resources.
  • Transportation to and from court, when necessary.
  • Liaison between victim/survivors of crime and the Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.
  • Screen and assist with Anti-Stalking Civil Protection Orders and Civil Protection Orders.
  • Referral to The Legal Aid Society when appropriate.
  • Emergency 911 phones for Protection Order clients and clients of serious crimes as determined.


Victim Services Unit

Meg Dillman, R.A., C.A. – Civil Protection Order Specialist

Megan Powell, R.A. – Victim Assistant

Trish Wright, L.S.W., R.A.S.S. – Director


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